Steve Hanneman was born in Columbus, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in finance, he had a hunch that he wasn't cut out for a 9-5 job. As he watched all of his fraternity brothers secure great jobs with high figured salaries, he took a chance and headed West towards Hollywood. His mother, Regina, convinced him to try out for a live Western stunt show in Tuscon, Arizona.  Even though he was only making $5.50 and hour, it was that experience that made him realize he was on the right track (chasing his dream). Steve plays the role of Detective Dedric in “The Long Short”.

He also competed as "Maverick" on American Gladiators and won. That led to him being asked to host the show. He then went to LA and booked over a dozen National commercials and a guest appearance on ER. Steve auditioned for "Deconstruction", an informational building program for Discovery channel. Charged with an inquisitive mind, with a thirst for knowledge, Steve loved discovering the science behind construction. Then one day his agent called him to audition for "Design to Sell" on HGTV. He went in to his audition with all the knowledge of construction, but Steve decided to be different. He pretended he didn't know what he was doing and presented himself as the comic relief. He landed the job and needless to say they were thrilled to find out afterward that Steve could actually do construction. It eventually led to Steve being offered his own show, Hammer Heads on HGTV.

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